Have any of you ever gone to a party and found that you felt differently throughout the night?

I went somewhere the other night and I stayed for about 2 hours. Within that 2 hour period, I noticed that at certain points I felt happy and I was enjoying myself.

At other points I stated feeling insecure, the thoughts in my head where saying, “What am I even doing here, does anyone even want me here?”

At another point I felt bored, the thoughts in my head sounded like, “This is so boring; when can I leave?” And at other points I felt confident and happy to be there. The thoughts in my head where saying, “This is so fun, I am so happy to be seeing my friends.”

Let me ask you something: how is it possible for me to feel all those emotions at the same party?

If the party were causing my emotions, I would have only been able to feel one of those things.  If there was a “truth” about the party, I would have felt only one of those emotions.

The fact that I was able to feel many different emotions regarding the same circumstance tells me that it can’t be the circumstance; it has to be something else. I am going to suggest that it is my thinking about the party that caused my emotions, not the party itself.

No one will ever feel only one emotion regarding any circumstance. Why? Because our thoughts change moment to moment, which means our experience will change moment to moment. When we know that, we are no longer stuck.

I can only feel my thinking; the only thing that holds a thought in place is my belief in that thought. The second I believe that thought to be true, it will look and feel real to me, even if it’s not.

When I am at that party and start feeling insecure, the only thing I have to know is I am only feeling that because I am thinking it. The second we remember it’s just a thought, and it may not actually be true, is the second we will let that thought go.

Our only job is to try and notice our thinking in the moment. If we don’t like the feeling, just wait, naturally the thought will flow out on its own.

I challenge all of you reading this to start noticing your thoughts. Notice how you feel depending on what thoughts are in your head.  Give me some feedback.

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