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Please join me as we take a look at how fear anxiety and depression work.

Knowing how something works allows you to combat it in ways you could not without this information.

First we need to look at how our imagination works.

Believe it or not we can use our imagination to help us (for example: Positive thinking). or to hurt us.

When we use it to hurt ourselves it usually manifests as fear, anxiety and depression.

Understanding how it works will allow us to combat it.

It will allow us to know when to pay attention to those emotions, and when to ignore them.

Another area to look at is thought itself.

Understanding the different types of thoughts we have, will allow us to utilize the helpful ones and discard the unhelpful ones.

This workshop is not about giving you tips and techniques,

it’s about helping you understand how to use the tools you were given to help yourself not be overtaken by the fear the anxiety and depression.

Once you know that you will be much happier and be able to manage your lives in ways you can’t now.


In this workshop we are going to see what makes our kids tic. What are the best ways to get them to listen and hear us, and the best ways to get us to listen and hear them.

How to ensure that we are being the best parents we can be.

How to ensure we are inviting our kids to be the best they can be and to fulfill all their potential.

This will be like no other parenting class you have ever taken.

This is not about tips and techniques, its about understanding the way they work and the way we work.

knowing that allows you to come up with your own ideas on how to parent your kids.

After all they were given to you, so you must be the best person for the job.

You just have to find your own intuition, and your own ability to raise them. I promise you it is there, and in this class we will uncover it, and show you how to use it.

summer workshops


“Melissa has really helped me.  She is smart and calming and always has the right thing to say.  Her words and techniques have helped me during some tough times.
Sometimes my husband and I fight and my stomach would hurt the whole day.  Because of some of the processes Melissa has taught me, I have learned I can’t control others and I can only control myself and I’d be able to let it go.  My stomach deeply thanks Melissa!
I’ve passed this onto my family as well.  There have been times that I thought one of my daughters would never hear me.  Not listen to me, but hear me.  I noticed one day with a friend of our family.  She had a huge fight with her family member and my daughter started repeating things that I learned from Melissa.  I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth (and neither could she.  She started saying how she’s turning into me.  We were actually able to get through to our family friend and she was able to apply some of the techniques Melissa taught me.”


I was literally living with the parking breaks on, dragging myself through my blessed days as if it was a time capsule full of inconveniences and tasks that I needed to constantly troubleshoot.
I was on guard and poised for attack. Procrastinating and not enjoying the simplest tasks became a daily occurrence, because as Melissa had taught me, my mind was creating this.
I had always felt there was a hum of irritation buzzing through most of my days and I felt it was normal and even tried to shush it with my vast library of self empowerment books.
The books were fantastic, made sense but I was always struggling with the How?
For example, how do you feel true gratefulness when your kids left a mess of toys after u cleaned up?
I felt the heat of rage, not the warmth of gratefulness.
Or how do you change your thoughts to a better feeling thought when your thinking is negative?
It didn’t feel true, cause how can I lie to myself?
So I accepted it and figured that most of us have this struggle.
Then, on a family vacation in California, i just knew that there was more.
Here I was with my beautiful healthy family on a wonderful vacation that was running smoothly.
Kids were healthy, happy and fun and I woke up burdened.
I asked myself why?
It wasn’t anything that was going on?
I realized it had to be me.
I opened up Instagram like I usually do first thing in the morning and there was Melissa’s instagram post in my feed.
Something about Melissa words resonated with me and I booked her on the spot .
Melissa taught me how our minds work and how to tap into the wisest parts of ourselves .
Because of Melissa my days became richer, and I don’t take myself too seriously which allows me to find solutions much easier.

My relationships with my kids, my husband, my family, and most of all, myself, has improved in ways I could not have imagined possible.


summer workshops

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summer workshops