This morning is starting out as one of “those” days. The school bus didn’t show up, among  other things. Thank gd I know all my feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and anger are just  thoughts I am focusing on in this moment, and not the reality.

Even so my mood is low and there are angry frustrated thoughts flowing thorough my head and body.

Even though I know that it is just thought it is still something I would rather not feel.

Unfortunately or fortunately it is not up to me when these thoughts leave. All I can do is try and get some inner quiet and wait for the thought storm to pass.

Because I know it is just thought, the one thing I am not doing is taking my thoughts seriously and blowing them up and out of proportion.

In the past I would have believed each and every thought, and would have been angrier and angrier with the people and circumstances my thoughts are centering around.

What’s different now is I can have all these crazy thoughts, but it just doesn’t make sense to me to be angry at the people and circumstances my thoughts are centering around.

In the past I would have either privately fumed at the people I was “blaming” for my feelings of overwhelm, or I would have confronted them with it, from that angry state, and had an argument, neither of which woud have been very helpful.

For now I am just waiing for the thought storm to pass. When my inner wisdom and common sense resurface, then I will see if there is any action to take or not.

We all have thoughts, keep your eye on you feeling state and from their decide if it is appropriate to take yourself seriously or not.