We all have a place inside that is wise, calm, resilient and full of common sense. It is the place that knows that everything will be all right even in the worst circumstances.

It is the part of us that can see the bright side of things, give the benefit of the doubt and rise above even the worst situations and hardest events in our lives.

It is the part of us that some scientists or psychologists would call our higher self, the source of healthy psychological function.

I am going to call it our soul. This is the spiritual part of us. Ideas and thoughts that come from our soul have very different feelings associated with them than the ideas and thoughts that come from our lower selves or egos.

What is an insight?

It is a thought that often comes with such an intense feeling of truth that many times it can be life changing. I call it an insight, which simply means a thought from the calm, wise place within.

Let me give you an example. You know on an intellectual level that fire is hot. You know you shouldn’t touch it because you could get burned.

But until you know fire is hot from an experience or an insight, you may still touch the fire. The only way you would never touch a fire is if you have actually touched fire.

Once you have touched fire you would really know that fire is hot. Insight is getting something at this same basic and powerful level of truth.

It’s the difference between knowing intellectually and deeply understanding something. Insight is to see a truth so clearly that we cannot think anything else. To have insight is to connect with our source of life and in that moment, either we see something for the first time or understand something we thought we knew, but at a deeper level.

Some call it an ah ha moment, others describe it as a light bulb going off in there head.

However we describe the feeling we get when we get an insight, the fact is that it comes with a very identifiable feeling.It is that feeling we are always listening for.

When trying to solve a problem, that seems unsolvable, always listen for an insight. Going over the same old thoughts an ideas that have not helped in the past, is just not helpful. let all those old ideas go and listen for new ones, ones that come with that feeling of truth and clarity