I had the pleasure of teaching Innate Health to a beautiful young girl.

When she came to me, she told me she would like me to help her overcome or “cure” Her eating disorder, the girl was diagnosed with anorexia.

She told me she is  eating less than 500 calories a day and exercising 2 to 3 hours a day. She had been in and out of therapy for about a year and a half, but nothing was helping.

I told her I would love to work with her, but I do things a little bit differently.

I told her we are not going to concentrate on your “eating disorder” because you don’t have an eating disorder.  What you have is very simply, a thought problem, when you understand how your thinking works you will solve the thought problem, and you will start eating again.

I have been working with this girl for only 11 weeks and she no longer has a thought problem surrounding food. She is eating 1200 calories a day and she has lessened her exercise schedule to a healthy 1 hour a day.

On top of that, I watched as her confidence soured, she has started her own business, and she basically smiles all the time now. By just learning about the 3 principles her life has gotten better in every area.

Wow! How did that happen in so little time and without us talking about Anorexia?

The answer is any problem we have is a direct result of, believing our emotions come from anywhere except our own thinking in the moment.

When we attribute emotional pain to something outside of our selves, for example, I would feel better if, I were thinner, smarter, wealthier…

Then what happens is we try and fix those things, if we can’t fix those things then we may turn to self medication to help ease the pain.

Self medication can be anything from drugs and alcohol, to eating, not eating or shopping. Self medication comes in all forms.

The second we realize the pain we are having is coming from a thought in the moment, and that thought will pass on its own.

The more I won’t need to get rid of the emotion by outside sources, because I know that naturally without any help from me the thought and therefore the pain will pass on its own.