My name is Melissa Cohen, I am a certified life coach, that teaches the 3 Principles/ Innate Health.

I have been learning and teaching for over 10 years. It was only natural to couple my training and experience in Innate Health, with life coaching.

I have seen and helped hundreds of people over the years. I help people reach their goals.  I specialize in helping people find their natural common sense and inner wisdom.

I teach you how to take control of your life back. I invite you to see that your well being and peace of mind, are not dependent on the circumstances or problems in your life. They are dependent on how you view the problems in your  life.

Innate Health is what helped me overcome my own challenges as you will read in my story below:

I have always had the feeling that soon I would find the answers I have been looking for, but somehow those answers were always just beyond my reach.

No matter how many books on psychology I read and learned, or how many religious classes I went to, what I was looking for was always just ahead of me, almost in my grasp, but not quite there.

I am now happy to say that I have finally found what I have been searching for. I call it ‘the missing link’.

This information is what ties together all of my learning and exploration of myself and of G-d.

This understanding has affected my life in every way. I am a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. Most of all, I am a better person.

What I have found is my psychological health, or in plain English, peace of mind.

I don’t want to sound like I’ve never had peace of mind before, because that is not true. There have been times when I have felt happy and peaceful, but there have been many times when I have not.

I could never hold on to the happy, peaceful feeling; it seemed to come when it wanted and would leave just as mysteriously. What I was searching for was how to get that feeling to stay.

When I say I found peace of mind, I don’t mean that I now walk around all day calm and peaceful (although I find that I do so a lot more than I ever did before).

What I mean is that I have found a place inside where my inner wisdom, strength, compassion and inner joy lives. I have found that the keys to peace of mind and happiness are not in outside circumstances, but within.

The more I live from that inner place, the more things seem to make sense and the less effort I have to make.

There is no comparison between the life I had before learning this, and the life I have now. It is the difference between existing and feeling really alive.

Before learning about these principles, I used to take life way too seriously. I was always scared, anxious and stressed.

I thought that a lot of things were problems I had to solve. I had to figure things out and always be one step ahead of the game.

For example, if I would start to work on a project, I would constantly think of every problem that might come up and try to work out how to deal with it from a hundred different angles in case it did happen.

I would constantly be on the lookout for what might go wrong. If a problem occurred that I hadn’t thought of, I would go into a panic and try to figure out how to solve it or head it off.

If things didn’t go the way I felt they should, I would be very critical of myself and others.

Through this whole process I attributed all my stress and anxiety to the project. When I finished the project I would feel better because, after all, it was the project that was making me crazy and stressed.

Yet after I started learning about the principles, I started seeing for myself that I could work on a project and be calmer while doing so based on the thoughts I was paying attention to.

I was able to solve problems more easily and with more common sense and inner wisdom than I ever did before.

Instead of living in anticipation of a problem, I chose to live in the moment – where there was no problem – and solve or work on the resolution to a problem only when and if it came up.

That alone took almost all the stress away. I found that not only was it not helpful to work on projects in a stressful state, it was actually harmful.

I found that I had much more creative ideas while working on the project, and much wiser solutions to the real problems that might come up.

Before I learned this approach, I subconsciously thought that stressful thinking was helpful, even necessary. I learned that the opposite is actually true: stressful thinking is not necessary and could actually ruin the project.

What I came to realize was that in my mind everything was a project, from parenting to marriage, from business and weight loss to friendships.

I was in a constant state of anticipation. I needed my kids to grow up already so I could stop worrying about them.

I needed my husband to make a certain amount of money so I could feel safe.

I needed to be a certain weight and look a certain way.

Even friendships were stressful, because what if I said something I shouldn’t have, or I didn’t help when I should have?

What was happening was that I wasn’t enjoying my kids, my husband, or my friends. I love all of them, but I thought loving them meant worrying about them, or taking care of them.

After learning this approach, after seeing that the worry, fear and anxiety DO NOT help, DO NOT mean I am a good friend, parent or spouse, I actually enjoy my friends and family.

I can now roll with the punches, and laugh at the “mistakes”. I can say something “wrong”, apologize and move on.

I can allow other people to take care of themselves, because the same inner wisdom and innate resiliency I found in myself, exists in them as well.