Innate Health is a concept that can help many issues including:

When learning Innate Health we focus on the role our thoughts play in creating our experience of our lives. We start seeing that depending on which thought I am thinking at any given moment that will be the feeling I have.

For example if your co worker comes in and blames you for a mistake that was made. The thoughts in your head could be saying ” the nerve of him, who does he think he is?” You would then feel angry, or the thoughts in your head could be saying, “I hope he isn’t going to get me trouble with the boss” ,You would then feel scared.

Same circumstance different emotion. So the question is what makes up our emotions, the circumstance or the thoughts surrounding the circumstance?

What we learn is that our thoughts and emotions play a much bigger part in our lives than we ever imagined.

We have helpful productive thoughts and or ideas, and we also have unhelpful, destructive thoughts and ideas.

It is possible to be fooled into thinking an unhelpful or bad idea is a helpful good idea. In fact most of us get mixed up all day long.

What we are going to learn here is how to tell the difference. Believe it or not it is not that difficult.

To simplify: If you are having financial issues, and you innocently choose to focus on your stressful thoughts, or your fearful thoughts, that is what you will feel.

You can choose to let those go and allow more helpful better thoughts or idea’s to come in.


Once we start learning how to recognize which thoughts to listen to and which thoughts to let go of, our lives change for the better.